Our approach

A critical balance

We believe there are three critical areas that must be balanced as the foundation of any successful business operating model:

  1. Commercial proposition: the customer offer and journey
  2. Operational approach: the way in which the business produces and delivers its proposition
  3. Financial return: the true return from the commercial proposition delivered by the operating approach

Understanding the interconnections and complexities within these three areas and finding the right balance between them is at the heart of our approach.

For any business there will be a number of viable logistics and supply chain management options. Identifying these, focusing on the right one, and delivering a sustainable change are crucial.

We also believe that taking a holistic view, looking at every aspect of your organisation – people, IT, infrastructure, logistics, measures, process and economics – is essential to deliver the right supply-chain solution. We deploy the LCP Operational CRYSTAL™.

By taking this view, we provide clients with the confidence to move forward with complex programmes. We help them realise exceptional results and true step changes in their business as a result. And we deliver these changes in a successful, sustainable way while maintaining this critical balance throughout the entire process.

“We work to shape companies’ business models by consistently aligning their commercial and financial approach with their operations to generate and support a sustainable market place ‘offer’”