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The Omni-Channel Journey


Retail continues to develop at an exceptional pace and shows no sign of slowing. Core to everything are customers with high expectations and little patience. Ultimately, it’s those retailers who are prepared to risk pushing harder to delight customers, placing them at the heart of the supply chain, that are moving ahead and reaping the rewards.

In our 2015 report we saw 6 key themes emerging. Click below to explore them further – and sign up to download our report and receive regular email insights from our retail team.

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"I believe that if we were in 2030 now looking back at 2015 I’d say weren’t we naïve in saying we had clarity when the story has played out in such a complex and rich way. Retail will be much more current, much more immediate, much more live. Two or three levels ahead of where we’re thinking today.  How we anticipate that will be the challenge."

Dino Rocos
Operations Director, John Lewis

The omni-channel journey: longer and more complex than expected

Tangible business benefits for omni-channel adopters

Rapidly changing customer expectations place customers at heart of retail

Intelligent partnerships and cross-functional working are key to success

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