In the news - May 2017

foodchain magazine

Building supply chain bridges offers more than a feel-good factor

Food Magazine features an article,'Working together', by Richard Walters, Principal Consultant at LCP.  Richard looks the importance of collaboration after hearing  Morrisons latest initiative to recruit over 200 new suppliers from the UK, Scotland and Wales under the banner 'The Nation's Local Foodmakers'.


Grocery home deliveries examined

Article from Handling & Storage Solutions - Grocery home deliveries are expected to increase from the current 75 million per year to around 179m by 2020, with this taking the number of delivery vans on the road from around 13,000 to some 20,000. 

The figures were unveiled at the recent U-turn Project event, organised by Cranfield University School of Management and LCP Consulting.

The project being carried out examines how industry may increase food logistics efficiency in the urban setting, with a focus on collaboration and tools.


Going direct

The advent of the web has greatly disrupted how consumers shop.  It might not be done yet, according to a newspaper report examining a direct consumer model.  Will Shepherd and Richard Walters give their views in article featured in Handling & Storage Solutions article.


Drones debunked - for now

Will Dawson asks the question, 'can Amazon drones really solve the elusive last mile challenge?'