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Event: Sheds Property Week

Emile Naus to present at Sheds Property Week


Sheds Property Week is an industrial property conference for occupiers, developers and investors - across retail, manufacturing and urban logistics to discuss the many opportunities this market offers, but also to confront the challenges that may lie ahead.

Emile's session will focus on how the quest for speed and efficiency is driving changes in shed size, design and location. In what way are robotics and automation transforming physical specifications, and how in turn are they impacted by the need for an ever-faster, smoother delivery? With technology in all its guises placing huge demands on energy output, how to adapt to a more energy efficient, sustainable operation? From clicks to bricks, analogue to digital, the sector has seen a huge shift over the past decade, which will only accelerate as new trailblazing technologies enter and disrupt the market.


About Emile

Emile NausEmile is a Partner and Technical Director at LCP Consulting, with specific accountability for the tools and methods used to deliver projects and the analytics that support these projects. Emile is a recognised leader in this area and has a wealth of supply chain experience from both consulting and operational roles. 

Emile has consulted in a variety of different industries, including retail, FMCG, wholesale and trading and has held operational roles with Tesco (with responsibility for the UK network development) and as Head of Logistics Strategy for Marks and Spencer.

He is passionate about our customers and creating value through supply chain excellence.

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