Differentiating for value, profit and growth

Few commercial sectors are facing as much change as manufacturing. Today’s companies must deal with new disruptive technologies; a more agile, responsive and demanding customer; and whilst there is strong competition from low cost economies, the emerging trend to re-shoring brings its own challenges of reconfiguring supply chain operations and management.

Competing in today’s dynamic business landscape requires an operating model that integrates supply chain and manufacturing capabilities, is disruptive for your competitors, serves your customers perfectly each and every time, and maintains business cost effectiveness.

This is precisely why many of the world’s leading manufacturers work with LCP Consulting. Through a partnership with us they achieve a step change in operational performance, whilst developing a customer-driven value chain.

Whether it's manufacturing platform optimisation, operations improvement, or implementing global planning solutions (S&OP/CRM), we apply proven methods and a set of tools focused on profitability and performance to deliver real and lasting benefits across the end-to-end manufacturing supply chains.

Our proven methods help deliver focused and rapid change in the following areas:

  • Operations excellence: delivering performance improvement by combining lean and agile operating principles, simultaneously reducing cost

  • Product portfolio rationalisation: to reduce business complexity and maximise profit


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