Food, drink and consumer goods

The business environment for food, drink and consumer goods manufacturers is fast paced and dynamic. Currency fluctuations, volatility in commodity prices, tougher trading terms, and a decline in consumer confidence all impact the supply chain. The need to enhance capability while maintaining a tight rein on costs and embracing agility is key.

For our Food, Drink and Consumer goods clients we provide integrated services across the entire supply chain, from raw materials to the end consumer. We help businesses operate more profitably and compete more effectively by taking an end-to-end view of the customer driven supply chain and align it with the business strategy. We use our expertise and data-driven analysis to help you to turn your supply chain into a competitive advantage.

How we help

Supply chains make major contributions to overall business success and performance so we blend a mix of strategies and tactical advice to ensure alignment with business objectives. We look at the supply chain in its entirety and drill down where necessary to optimise areas including networks, infrastructure, logistics and planning. The results are:

  • Reduced costs
  • Improved margins
  • Enhanced levels of service
  • Better capital strategies
  • Reduced waste


Services delivered to our clients include:

We believe that a business should not optimise individual areas of the supply chain in isolation. When starting any project, we will look at how all the functions work and integrate together; this is essential in order to deliver the right supply-chain solution.


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