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Consumer Packaged Goods


Across the globe, the pressures on manufacturers are intensifying. From pricing to sourcing of materials; from accessing labour to currency fluctuations; from political change to Brexit – whatever challenges arise, manufacturers are finding they need to adapt in order to move ahead. For those who want to lead by putting customers at the heart of their strategies, new innovative models are key.

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"Not only will the successful DTC product manufacturers of the future need to understand the changing expectations of their customer, they will also need to have an offer that will be powerful enough to entice customers away from retailers."

Will Shepherd
Partner, LCP Consulting

Top supply chain challenges: cost reduction remains a high priority

Innovation meets challenges: identifying levers for change

DTC: taking the direct route

Introducing the three DTC lenses - DTC lens one: Customer

DTC lens two: operating model

DTC lens three: supply chain

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