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The emerging focus on service

Posted by: Laura Morroll

Given the shifting macro trends, it is no surprise that the customer service bar is constantly being raised by new experiences from across the retail industry and beyond. The key to sustainable profitability is putting the customer at the heart of their operating model, ensuring consistency of offer and service across each and every touch point in the customer journey.... read more

DTC: taking the direct route

Posted by: Will Shepherd

As revenue growth for manufacturers continues to be challenging, some businesses are giving direct-to-consumer (DTC) initiatives an increased focus. Organisations on this path are innovating their customer proposition and their business operating model. This means introducing risk and cost. How should businesses considering this challenge approach it?... read more

Customer expectations: the goalposts keep moving

Our 2017 Retail Report has found that traditional retail operating models are slowly disappearing. Where the power once lay firmly in the hands of the retailer, the consumer is now the driving force in the relationship. This shift of power, combined with an ever-changing social, demographic, economic and technological landscape, is forcing retailers to get closer to their customers than ever before.... read more

01 January / 2018

Over £2.5bn of online orders to be returned to retailers this Christmas

The continued surge in online shopping will see over £2.5billion of unwanted Ch...

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17 October / 2017

How could a difficult Brexit impact the UK food industry?

Two million vehicles cross the channel into the UK via the Dover Straits every y...


11 September / 2017

Supply chain levers: innovation meets challenges

The supply chain challenges manufacturers face in the short term are often very ...

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06 September / 2017

The Customer Driven Supply Chain Concept

It’s clear that, in order to be successful in this constantly evolving environme...

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30 August / 2017

The emerging focus on service

Given the shifting macro trends, it is no surprise that the customer service bar...

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25 August / 2017

Subscribing our lives

Will Dawson assesses some of the new home delivery subscription services emergin...

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