Proven tools and fact-based methodologies

Enabling decisions with speed and certainty

How do you know you are tackling a problem in the most effective way? The answer: by applying the learning from a range of other organisations as you put your thinking to the test.

Our suite of strategic supply chain management tools and fact-based methodologies brings together many years’ experience in effectively diagnosing and resolving business issues – and revealing the root cause. By analysing and modelling your business operations we can help you find the right solution, fast.

We give you an unprecedented view of your business performance in a structured and connected way, providing new clarity and direction.

Simply, we can provide you with the best tools to help you move forward with confidence.

Our suite of tools and methodologies includes:

  • LCP Operational CRYSTAL™ – a practical framework for operational review and design
  • RapiSCAN® – a tailored fast-track diagnostic for your business
  • Cost to Serve® – identifies areas of true profitability and non-profitability for products, customers and channels
  • Flow Cost analysis –evaluates the cost and capacity of your operations and identifies the effect of operational changes and external forces
  • Network Optimisation – models a distribution network to reveal opportunities now and for the future
  • Inventory Modeller – simulates and tests the effects of different inventory strategies and scenarios
  • Process re-design – using recognised business process mapping methods, we quickly identify where process gaps are creating cost and failure
  • Profiling and benchmarking allows you to understand where you stand on the performance spectrum, the scale of the challenge, and the key areas for improvement

Time and again we achieve remarkable results with our clients enabling enduring and reproducible insights that deliver lasting impact.

However, the tools are just a part of the picture. The other part? Our consultants’ vast experience from working with a wide range of organisations to create new solutions tailored to their specific strategic supply chain management requirements.

“Our strategic and operational methodologies provide rapid insights and create powerful evidence of the value and potential for business change.”